About Us

DCS Synthesis is a Retail Technology Solutions Provider. We provide solutions and services to the retail industry. Our customers range from Shopping Malls to the single Retailer. What we provide are the technology tools and applications to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers. What differentiates us is our ability to offer a one-stop solution to our clients, be it a large shopping mall or a one shop outlet. Our solution and service such as CRM Marketing System, Rewards Management System, Voucher Management System, Apps and Cloud Based Solutions, Shopper Analytics, Tenant Management System, Lease Management System, Traffic Counting System, People Counting System, Loyalty Management System, Asset Management System and POS System.

We were founded in 2003 and have always been focused on the provision of solutions to the retail industry. Over the years we have grown with our customers and we continue to meet their demanding requirements and expectations. As the industry continues to evolve and innovate, DCS Synthesis is well-placed to lead this change.

At the heart of our business is the flow of information and its relevancy. We ensure that information captured is securely and properly stored and ready to be analysed. This is our basic level of service to our customer. Over and beyond this, we help our customers to track new data, analyse new information sets and explore new methods and techniques to improve overall efficiency. The key to all this is our innate understanding of the retail industry and what it requires to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Throughout our organisation, we are all deeply passionate about our work. Whether it is an extensive implementation in the newest shopping mall or the setting up of a single point-of-sales machine for a retail outlet, we endeavour to deliver our best for our customers. This comes from our long standing affiliation and association with the retail industry and our customers.

We at DCS Synthesis are proud of how we have grown into one of the largest companies in the Retail Technology Solutions industry in Southeast Asia.