Our Delivery

Our-DeliveryDCS Synthesis has delivered technology solutions across Southeast Asia as well as in certain parts of Greater China. Within Southeast Asia, we have a good deployment network and capability. This leverages off our headquarters in Singapore. Singapore is currently an important test bed for technology solutions in the retail industry. Once tested and accepted in Singapore, these solutions tend to attract quick interest from the rest of the region.

Given our office in Guangzhou, China, we are also able to support our customers who have expanded up north to China. China also serves as a development office for DCS Synthesis to reinforce our ability to provide new innovative solutions and support existing deployments.

We have a good network of partners that enables us to operate where we do not have an official presence. This enables to fulfil regional rollout plans for our customers. In addition, we are always ready to go wherever our customers ask us to go.

That in essence sums up the delivery promise of DCS Synthesis. With our network across Southeast Asia and beyond, we are ready to deliver for our customers!