Tangent 360 (Tenant Management System)

This Tenant Management System will help the Land Lord in improving their planning and strategic decisions. With all the information gathered from collection of sales from the shops POS machine in a daily basis then we will consolidate all the data and use it for reporting, tracking and analysis purposes that would help in business strategies and decisions.

Collection of sales from the shops are via FTP or SFTP with certain specifications. We can support any POS machine in the market. We have interface from different vendors if need to, so all sales will be on the server daily. We consolidate and manage the data once it is already uploaded to the management servers. Whether it is Cloud based or Onsite server we will provide it whatever solutions that suite your needs.

With all the information gathered from the servers, we will use the data to help for your analysis and improve some strategic planning to come up with flexible solutions. We also ensure that all data transferred to the server. All information are properly secured and kept in an environment where only those authorized persons can able to access the data. All shops POS machines are assigned with unique machine id to ensure that all are unique and data cannot mix.

Our Solutions