Lease Management System

Tangent 360

Tenant Management System developed for Shopping Malls that collects and consolidates the sales of all the outlets in the mall. Mall management manages and generates rental collection at the end of the month according to the amount of sales of each tenant. Enables the mall management to perform up-to-date queries or reports on tenants’ business indicators like tenants’ sales performance and occupancy cost. Automates data received from tenants, thus streamlining the process and reducing the possibility of human error during manual data-entry activities. Enables the Landlord to make informed decisions based on the data retrieved from the System.

Capability to interface with RE systems like SAP RE, SAP RE FX, Voyager by Yardi, MRI, ACCPAC, Simplicity by Anacle, IFCA, iREMS by IBM etc. At the same time Tangent 360 can be used as standalone system allowing mall management to setup and manage Leases, Units, Tenants, Trade categories, Zones, Percentage Rent and Gross rent etc and generate monthly Rental invoices to tenants. And hence it caters to basic Lease Management System capabilities.

Interface with Traffic Count system there by providing the information of Traffic Conversion Rate.Multi-language system currently being used in Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. Currently expanding to Indonesia & Thailand.

We provide wide range of services including Feasibility and requirements study, Project management, conduct user training, post implementation support and support that’s covered under maintenance contract.


Self-service BI dashboards platform, giving shopping centres the insight and analytics they require. BI reports provide information from multiple systems in a single platform, Tangent 360, Marketing 360, Traffic Count systems, Car Park Systems etc.

Every data point is collected, recorded and analysed, giving mall management unprecedented insight into shoppers’ spending habits and patterns.

Covers every facet of your mall Extremely rich dataset allows to run real-time Business Intelligence dashboards covering every facet of your shopping centre, from spend per visitor to purchasing trends and sales comparison.

Extensive Retail Analytics platform integrating multiple data channels including sales data, visitor numbers & loyalty schemes

♦Dive directly into key areas of your business data and KPIs using powerful 1-click analysis tools. Do away with complex spreadsheets that require constant attention from staff.

♦Instant understanding of your business trajectory to assist in making informed strategic decisions.

♦Powerful BI and analytics engine interpreting data about prevailing and underlying trends allowing mall management to take a proactive approach in improving their operations.

Tenant Portal360

Tenant Portal360 is Web-based Tenants Sales Submission is an add-on feature. This feature shall allow tenants to login to web-based portal and submit manual sales/adjustments. We have developed Tenant Portal to assist Mall Managements in seamless collection of Monthly Manual Sales from Tenants.

Tenant Portal is equipped with features like Tenant Manual sales submission, Mall Management Sales Approval, Sales correction, Highest Precedence, exporting of Sales to external RE/Financial systems.  Channel for collection of manual sales from Tenants instead of collection via email/fax.

1.Automated collation of collected manual sales.

2.Manual sales collected via Portal can be

♦exported to Financial systems and there by Bill Tenants, should the management decide that billing should be based on manual sales.

♦Used to compare against ePOS sales uploaded electronically and there by verify the accuracy of ePOS sales.

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