Apps and Cloud Based Solutions

The system can integrate with your existing third party system or create apps or web portals for mobile engagement to your members and shopper.  The system will be customized based on your requirement making sure it meets your business process.

Apps and Cloud Based solutions particularly Loyalty Reward App programs are the perfect way to engage with customers and keep them as it is convenient and up to date.

Benefits of Apps and Cloud Based Solutions

Convenience to Members.

With mobile loyalty reward app, users does not need membership cards or burden them with carrying extra plastic. A loyalty reward app can put every membership card in one place: their mobile app. Now your members doesn’t need to worry about keeping track of many individual items – all that remains is the convenience of participating in your business’ reward program right from their phone via App or Mobile Sites.

Omni-Channel Promotions.

Reward your members with multi-tier promotions across different channels. By reaching out and partnering with multiple vendors, a single loyalty reward app can offer related goods and services to your customers, and market your own brand in participating stores. This is one way to expand your audience and reach out to new users.

Know where you’re members are via Geofencing.

Geofencing refers to data that allows you to make a decision or perform an action based on your location. Geofencing, and other location-based solutions, are increasingly popular in today’s mobile apps. A loyalty reward app can utilize this technology to let users find nearby stores, track when your customers step inside and to push special offers to them as they leave – encouraging a return trip.

Targeting the correct member.

Deals and special offers that are tailored to an individual are much more likely to secure their patronage and grow your business. You can offer incentives to users based upon their profile or demographics or previous spending habits – when they visit and what they buy. A good loyalty reward app will collect this data and allow you to push those relevant deals straight to a person’s phone.

Analyze and visualize you database.

Mobile loyalty reward application is a perfect way to collect information and identify trends that will help you and your customers. You could track which of your services is most popular, when people most often visit, which rewards are most redeemed and even how often each user visits. Analyzing data and then aligning your rewards program with the preferences of your customers is a great way to grow your business.

Engage with your members.

Every business needs to think about how it connects with customers and builds a relationship with them, especially in the age of mobile apps and social media. A mobile loyalty program offers greater engagement opportunities, a communication channel for each of your customers that they carry in their pocket – it’s an incredible opportunity to reach out and interact with them regularly.

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