Voucher Pro Marketing Suite 360 (Voucher Management System)

It is a Voucher Management System that manages electronic stored value vouchers (e-Voucher) that can be pre-printed or print on-demand or gift card or purely electronic value.  The voucher can then be redeemed by the user via a number of channels online, via concierge as well as through merchant interfaces. The system allows request and approval of the voucher, issuance, sales and redemption of vouchers and reimbursement of vouchers from the merchants.

Benefits of Voucher Pro Marketing Suite 360

-Each budget/allocation would go thru a process of approval making sure voucher can only be issued once the request (Requisition) has been approved and amount than can be issued would be based on the approved amount.

-Vouchers can be redeemed/issued thru various channels via Concierge, online, App or directly to merchants.

-Can support Print on-demand and e-Vouchers.

-Manages the merchant redemptions making sure only valid vouchers would be accepted.

-Promotional Vouchers can benefit a specific category of Merchants for vouchers for specific category like Fashion, F&B, etc. 

-Can analyze voucher flow, shopper’s demographics, issuance and expiry of vouchers

-Can interface to various existing system for Rewards and App

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