Our Passion

Our-PassionAt DCS Synthesis, we are passionate about our work and our customers. This is partly attributed to our long standing affiliation and association with the retail industry. As we have grown and expanded from our Singapore base to our presence beyond Singapore, our core values have always served as a guiding approach to our business. Today we have built a strong network across Southeast Asia that is fully able to deliver for our customers.

This is best encapsulated in our core values which were always part of DCS Synthesis from day one. We continue to develop and communicate these values as part of our company culture and our passion to serving our customers. Our core values are Dynamic, Collaborate and Systematic.

Dynamic is key value with which we approach our solution work. We are not ready to stand still with what we have today when there is something even better in the market. By being Dynamic, we are ready to embrace innovation and new methods or techniques. This in turn enables is seek out the most cost-effective solution for our clients and manage their most demanding requirements and challenges.

Collaborate is an important value in the modern technology era. Often we work with other technology providers in tandem for our customers. The key to Collaborate is to have a strong professional ethic towards delivering our service. We also strive to seek win-win situations which will in turn ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Systematic is a fairly unspoken value in our line of work. It is often considered to be part and parcel of any technology company. However the key to being Systematic is not take this for granted. There is a strong ethos throughout every aspect of our work to ensure proper work flow, proper communication and proper delivery. We continuously endeavour to deliver consistently and comprehensively for our clients.

It is the combination or the synthesis of Dynamic, Collaborate and Systematic that put the DCS into DCS Synthesis. We are proud and passionate in our work and our delivery.


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