Rewards+ Marketing Suite 360

It is a Loyalty Management System and Rewards Management System that effectively manage your members’ registration and transactions.  You can easily customize and create campaigns to suit your various marketing methods.  Allow your members to manage their accounts, upload spending and redeem premiums via various platforms- apps or web portals. Allow top-up points and redeem premiums directly at the tenants for shopper’s convenience.

Benefits of Rewards+ Marketing Suite 360

Engage to the mobile shopper, know who they are and where they shop. 

As the member enters the Mall, we would be able to identify who they are and we can send notifications for the current offers based on their preferences or spending history.  We can offer them return vouchers, discount coupons, birthday treats and other interesting offers to them to keep coming back  to shop.

Reward shoppers instantly and redeem directly at tenants or at concierge.

Shoppers can download e-coupon and rewards catalogue anywhere and use these e-Coupon/voucher directly to the tenants or at Concierge.  E-Wallet will have the downloaded e-Coupons.

Online catalogue.

Thru the e-Store you can sell and promote products and vouchers anytime and anywhere.  Shoppers can redeem rewards via online catalogue.

Self-service Reward+ Kiosk.

Kiosk will allow the shoppers to check current promotions, check their points, key in transactions and new receipts and let them redeem e-coupon rewards.

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